Get the Most Impact Resistant Trailer Skirt that Installs in
Just 2 Hours

The DuraPlate AeroSkirt is extremely durable and installs in just two hours. Built with the proven DuraPlate composite panel and a flexible patented attachment system, the DuraPlate AeroSkirt is unmatched in impact resistance.

Flexible Design Prevents Damage
AeroSkirt flexes in and out, avoiding everyday damage.

Save on Repairs and Maintenance Costs
3-part panel design simplifies repairs and lowers maintenance costs.

Installation Takes Only 2 Man Hours
Only skirt that installs in just 2 hours on any semi-trailer make or model.

EPA SmartWay Approved
The DuraPlate AeroSkirt is both road and track tested, and has been approved as an "Advanced Trailer Skirt" for the EPA SmartWay Aerodynamic Technologies program.

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How it installs in only two hours and resists damage due to its flexible design.